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VIDEO: Suspected Penis Served In Food In Kampala Local Restaurant

There is news making rounds on social media of penis that was served in food in a local restaurant in Kampala.

The news was posted by a local news paper known as daily monitor which took people’s attention.

According to the police, they also saw the news and rushed to the scene to see and investigate it by themselves.

Police said suspects have been arrested including the waitress and the owner of the restaurant as investigations are going on.

Police say they are still awaiting reports from ongoing investigations regarding the shocking discovery of male private parts served in food.

The Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, says the two suspects, including the waitress and owner of the local restaurant who were arrested, have been released on bond pending further investigation.

It is not yet clear if the seen in food is a real penis or if it is something else that was mistaken to be that.

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