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Is It Jose Chameleone’s Mother That Led To His Divorce With Daniella? Here Is All You Need To Know

Singer Joseph Mayanja also known as Jose Chameleone’s ex wife Daniella Atim has continued to expose him.

She said him and his mother gave her a very hard time as they didn’t accept her enough as the daughter in law.

Daniella and Jose Chameleon were married for more than 15 years but their marriage ended in silence five years ago.

No one talked about it not until Daniella herself started talked about all the bad things she went through as a mother and how she struggled.

According to Jose Chameleone’s ex wife, she even had a miscarriage at the beginning of the relationship but Chameleone’s mother wasn’t happy about it.

She said the child was burried at her place something that is not good in culture and that is why she is unapologetic in everything she does.

“I was only 23 weeks pregnant that brutal August night,my whole body ached and my soul reeled of intense anger,I had cried the life out of my lungs. Suddenly I went into full blown labour and “ROOMIE” rushed me to the hospital close to us.

“Daniella the baby has no heart beat ,but you still have to push ,this way it will help you recover faster “the Dr told me. You can be sure I pushed my baby out, he came out alive and ROOMIE was relieved .My face was flat and emotionless,l knew he wouldn’t survive ,he was so little .He was rushed in an ambulance to kololo hospital,I later followed and Dr EK told me to go home and get some rest because I wouldn’t be needed in the hospital.i slept very peacefully that afternoon,my body was exhausted from everything that led to my premature labour and crying all night i woke up and noticed i had missed the Drs call ….i just knew it,i knew my baby had gone to be with the Lord, i knew heaven had earned an angel…long story short, my baby was burried in Mutungo because my MIL didn’t have pleasant words when she was told about it,my father took the baby’s body and kept it in Mutungo and we burried the baby the next day.

Here is a photo of my boys visiting during their most recent,”

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