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PHOTO: Here Is The Real Muzigo Of Spice Diana’s Father

There is a photo that has been posted on social media claiming to be a place where singer Spice Diana’s father resides.

It is said that it is Mperelwe where the man that is not known by his names stays and is attached to Spice Diana.

Spice Diana said she grew up with her mother and the father of the other children where her mother got married.

She didn’t get a chance to be looked after by her biological father hence not creating that bond between them as father and daughter.

Recently Spice Diana got into a verbal war with Jenkins Mukasa and other three men Kasuku, Eddie Sendi that he works with.

The singer said they have been trying to put her brand down ever since she started becoming famous in the entertainment industry.

Jenkins decided to expose her saying he knows where her father stays and what kind of life he lives.

He revealed that Spice Diana’s father is struggling and he doesn’t have a home to stay and neither does he have a car to drive.

Now there is photo of a rental making Ronny’s on social media although it not the real house Spice Diana’s father lives in.

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