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PHOTOS: Here Is The Man That Murdered Ndiga Clan Leader Daniel Bbosa

There are photos making rounds on social media of a man who murdered the Ndiga clan leader Daniel Bbosa.

Bbosa was murdered on Monday from his car near his home. The two men on a boda boda and followed him until they shot him dead.

Fortunately there were people around at the time of the shooting they followed the shooters and beat them badly.

One of the killers was killed and he is known as Enock Serunkuma. The other colleague was beaten so badly and taken to the hospital for recovery.

According to the police the guy that survived is Luggya and at the moment he is out of coma eating and speaking.

“Enock Serunkuuma the assassin who killed Ndiga clan leader, he was also killed in mob justice, his colleague Luggya is out of coma(ICU) and now able to eat and drink,” 

The photos making rounds on social media are for Enock who died. The photos of the survivers hasn’t been revealed to the public.

Here are the photos:

It should be noted that there have been multiple shootings in Uganda. Most people have lost their lives and no one has ever been arrested for these shootings.

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