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VIDEO: Have you watched it? Chicken Chicken releases KWEPICHA Video

Famous Ugandan tiktoker known as Chicken Chicken has released his own Kwepicha videos on social media.

In the videos released they are very different this time. Chicken Chicken was with a man not a lady like the people had expected.

Chicken Chicken has been trending on social media but people didn’t know that he wanted to be so famous.

He has pushed it to the extreme where he has decided to release his own videos so that people can know him even better.

Unfortunately so many people have criticized him saying he is one of the bad people because he is busy spreading bad videos in the media.

Most of the people haven’t seen the videos because they are trending more on snap chat than any other places.

For Chicken Chicken he hasn’t said anything about the videos. He hasn’t denied them or accepted that he is the actual owner of the videos.

Ugandan Tiktokers are looking for fame in whatever way they can. They don’t care wether it ashames them or their families.

The only thing they care about is being famous and known by people on social media that they do exist.

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