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PHOTOS: Spice Diana buys new Range Rover

Spice Diana isn’t just making waves with her music; she’s cruising in style too as she buys a new range rover.

Her dedication and hard work have paid off in a big way with the latest model Range Rover.

Let this be a beacon of inspiration to all fellow artists – your dreams are valid, and your hard work will take you places, literally and figuratively.

Keep pushing the limits, keep soaring higher, and let’s all celebrate Spice Diana’s success as a testament to where passion and perseverance can lead.

Congratulations, Spice Diana. She posted the photos of her range rover and even the receipts of the car.

Most musicians don’t post about their cars and the few that fo that don’t show it is exactly their car.

For Spice Diana, she is breaking the record and showing that her car is real and she is the original owner of that car.

Here are the photos;

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