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Who is the man behind Dianah Nabatanzi’s pregnancy? Here is all you need to know

Television presenter and actress Diana Nabatanzi is heavily pregnant expecting her first child child.

People are wondering who could be the lucky man behind the pregnancy because she usually keeps her relationship private.

No one at the moment knows but there has been rumours for some time pointing to certain people to be dating her.

Dianah Nabatanzi is very close up when it comes to her life behind cameras. She even dated Lwasa Emmanuel for five years and no one ever saw them together.

Lwasa was very angry when the relationship ended saying he couldn’t even manage to get pregnant yet they tried for so many years.

After Lwasa there was rumours that one of the B2C singers was dating Dianah Nabatanzi. They didn’t reveal who but rumour had it that she was seriously in love.

Now that Dianah Nabatanzi is pregnant, people are wondering if it is one of the B2C singers because the last time it was said that she was in love.

Dianah Nabatanzi hasn’t said anything about her pregnancy and the man behind it.

We are also not sure if they are the B2C but we will keep you updated.

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