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VIDEO: Pretty Nicole speaks for the first time after her released videos

Sensational tiktoker Pretty Nicole has spoken for the first time after her videos were released on social media.

She said she is very disappointed in someone that released the videos because she had trusted the person and knew nothing is going to happen.

Pretty Nicole has been in the media for various reasons but most of them have been the negative reasons.

All the reasons why Pretty Nicole has been in the media rotate around men yet the mother claims that she is just a 15 years old young girl.

People are now giving their opinions telling Pretty Nicole’s mother to leave her to do whatever she wants.

The video released on social media show that she is an old girl and she knows more than what her mother thinks she knows

Pretty Nicole personally hasn’t been actively interviewed because it is claimed that she is very young and she can’t be in the media.

But with tiktok app, she is always on social media saying whatever she feels she wants to say.

Pretty Nicole has abused people who tried to help her saying they were not genuine, they only wanted fame from her.

And now that she is exposed, she is feeling disappointed in people that she trusted so much.

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