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VIDEO: Watch as Ziza Bafana and DJ Michael almost fight

Ziza Bafana and DJ Michael almost traded blows at a certain hangout spot recently. This is after Ziza Bafana refused to acknowledge Michael as the king of dancehall.

For quite some time, Michael has always hailed himself as the King of dancehall. However, Bafana also believes that he’s the god of ragga. Therefore things almost got tense between them but it was Spice Diana who rescued the day between the two.

Well the two have actually hinted at going head to head in a music battle. But it seems that no promoter has yet picked interest in the idea.

The dancehall arena has seen a couple of musicians over the years such as Vampino, late AK47, Coco Finger, Rabadaba among others.

It’s therefore difficult to crown any of them but Ziza Bafana well too has a stake on this crown as he has been more consistent than most of them.

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