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VIDEO: Sheebah accused of indecency in UCC meeting

An official from the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has accused singer Sheebah Karungi of indecency and disrespect in a meeting they recently had with the Uganda National Musicians Federation.

According to this official, the queen karma arrived late for the meeting. She was skimpily dressed and didn’t bother to apologize for her late coming.

The disorganisation prompted the UCC boss, Irene to run away from the meeting and delegate it to her deputy. Meanwhile the Nakyuka singer had shades and a cape on.
This was an official meeting and she even sat cross legged.

While addressing the UCC officials she used a disrespectful Language and they just couldn’t tolerate her. This official made the comments while appearing in a YouTube interview with Kasuku.

Sheebah is yet to come out and address these allegations but it’s unlikely that she will talk about them because she barely does. Musicians under Eddy Kenzo’s led federation have been in different meetings with several institutions in a bid to streamline the music industry.

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