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VIDEO: Watch Faridah Nakazibwe on mother duties with Bruno K’s daughter

Former NTV presenter Faridah Nakazibwe has perfectly settled in the role of the mother of singer Bruno K’s daughter, Briella Kiggundu. The child has been living with the media personality ever since her mother tragically passed away 3 years ago.

She now calls Faridah mother and it just perfectly blends and fills in well. Faridah took to her social media and uploaded a video of her and Briella having some quality time together eating fruits and conversing as mother and daughter. And this was just beautiful to watch.

It should be recalled that Faridah has her own daughters who are well into their teenage years from her past marriage. She’s seen as beacon of inspiration for most young women out there.

And there isn’t a better person who would have groomed Briella better than her. Meanwhile Bruno and Faridah have been linked intimately for a couple of years now but both deny the allegations.

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