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VIDEO: Battle leaves Sheebah’s sumbie out for the public

Singer Sheebah and Cindy had their long awaited battle over the weekend at Kololo airstrip grounds.

But Sheebah was left out with her Sumbie as the dress she was putting on slipped leaving her sumbie outside

It didn’t affect her in any way because what she was putting on in the inside had no problem make in fact fans appreciated it.

Cindy and Sheebah are two different musician but competing for the same audience. The beef between them has been on and on although it has been very silent.

The battle between them tried to bring them back closer to the audience and they are surely making some money out of it.

For the battle at Kololo airstrip, Cindy sens to have defeated Sheebah in perfoming while Sheebah also defeated Cindy in other things like dress code.

All of them were winners in some way and fans can’t stop appreciating their energy.

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