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VIDEO: Is Nampeera a real sister to DJ Roja? Here is the truth

There have been some questions about the trending social media sensational Nampeera Christine being a sister to famous television Dejaay Roja.

Fans have been wondering if they are really related or if it just social media drama that brought themselves together.

The truth is that Nampeera is a real sister to DJ Roja and they grew up together in the same family.

He said she has been a young loving sister although social media is trying to put her down by the videos that were released ok social media.

According to DJ Roja, as the family they were so much affected and Nampeera has been going through so much mentally.

They have tried to be their for her and they are hoping she will recover from the trauma soon and continue to do her jobs like she has been doing.

The famous Dejaay told Ugandan to disregard all the social media posts that are talking in her name because she has been off social media and she is not the one.

“Nampeera is my sister we grew up together. I don’t know about the videos that have been making rounds on social media and she is not the one posting whatever is being posted,” DJ Roja said

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