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PHOTOS: Is Mr. Lee of B2C chewing Lydia Jazmine? Here is the truth

There are trending photos on social media of Lydia Jazmine and one of the B2C guys Mr. Lee.

The two Lydia Jazmine and Mr. Lee look to be very close something that has left their funs confused if they are really dating.

There was a rumor of previously which linked Lydia Jazmine and Eddy Kenzo. It is even said that she is the reason Rema and Eddy Kenzo divorced.

Now Rema’s best friend Evelyn Namulondo is also said to be dating Mr Lee who is very close to Lydia Jazmine.

Here are the photos;

It is not very clear if Lydia Jazmine and Mr. Lee are actually dating. They only took photos as if they have a project coming through for them.

What do you think?

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