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VIDEO: Sheebah and Cindy’s concert is just a stunt for a battle- King Michael

Faded singer King Michael is not happy with his fellow singers Sheebah and Cindy. This is after the duo encroached on his date to put their respective concerts up.

Michael was the first to put up his dancehall concert on the 15th of September at Freedom City. Sheebah then announced her Yolo festival on the same date to take place at Kololo Independence Grounds .

The public was left shocked yesterday when Cindy also revealed that she will be having her concert on the same day and same venue as Sheebah.

Many have been left cursing the UMA president for being very malicious but Michael has another theory to the two ladies concerts.

According to the Muko Muko singer, the two are not beefing and simply going to have a long awaited battle between them.

This was just disguised as them having disagreements. However their concerts are being organized by Victoria University’s Prof Lawrence Muganga.

This is because the university will be having it’s graduation ceremony then and the first Lady is expected as the guest of honor.

A bitter and emotional Michael said that he won’t be removing his concert since he’s been advertising since January.

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