Video: Watch as MPs in Ugandan Parliament romance each other

If they tell you that Uganda is a comic state based on a fictional Wakanda type of story, you might disagree but the moment you live inside her territories, you will definitely know why this is so.

From the leaders to the people themselves, nobody really seems to be serious and everyone does as they please.

Now citizens have been shocked after a footage from a recent sitting showed the MPs romancing themselves in the House.

Apparently a female MP is seen giving a head massage to one of the male MPs seated next to her and they seem to be lost in their own world.

Another MP that was occupying the seat behind them seems to have observed everything and really enjoyed it.

Not wanting to be left out on this romance and desiring to feel the sweetness, he extended his head to get a feel.

This female MP who seems to be a ‘Nakyagaba, Nagaba’ sort of didn’t hesitate switching hands.

She quickly started massaging this MP too and it seems that the August House has more incentives than the monetary ones.

For some time, rumors have always fled around about how some of the MPs have their have extra marital affairs amongst themselves.

This is however a thing of the rumors just. This video has definitely left social media buzzing and giving varied opinions.

What do you think?

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