Video: You Pigs – Bryan White blasts Ugandans alleging his arrest

Faded socialite who is trying to make a comeback into the local scene has come out to blast Ugandans who have nothing to do but spreading rumors.

It should be noted that word made rounds yesterday about how he had been arrested at Al Qiyaddah Airport in Dubai yesterday.

Appearung in a video posted on social medi, Bryan White however refuted this.

Very furious, the once upon a time money bags told Ugandans to work and stop gossiping about people.

He said that these have nothing they demand from him. He owns them nothing and they should let him be.

Apparently, Bryan White said that there is a group of men around Munyonyo who are the ones fond of starting this stupid and useless gossip.

It should be noted that Bryan White disappeared off the scene quickly as he came. All his friends especially the musicians that he had helped dumped him.

He got so sick and was bedridden for quite some time. The socialite even appeared on the verge of death but somehow snuck through the jaws of death and looks healthy as of now.

It seems he’s masterminding a great comeback to reclaim his streets.

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