Video: What is Ariana Grande suffering from? Here is all the details

We all know Ariana Grande for her beautiful ballads and gorgeous looks but it seems the looks ain’t the same anymore.

Fans have become concerned after noticing her drastic weight loss and not so good looks.

These have been raising concerns over the way she currently looks with some wondering if she’s sick.

Apparently the singer is not suffering from anything but it’s just a change in lifestyle.

She therefore called upon people to stop body shaming her as it was her choice.

And besides beauty lies in tje hands of the beholder.

“I think we should be gentler and less comfortable commenting on people’s bodies no matter what,” Grande said. “There are ways to compliment someone, or to ignore something that you see that you don’t like, that I think we should help each other work towards. We should aim toward being safer and keeping each other safer.”

What do you think?

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