VIDEO: Walya oba tewalya- Sanny Ug goes back to chew Mackline

Among all the people TikToker Mackline Juliet Nakalema aka Macmeow3 announced that chewed her sumbie, fellow TikToker Sanny Ug seems to be more on tension.

He after the announcement confronted Macmeow3 about why she was accusing him that he chewed her infected sumbie.

Sanny Ug even cried as he wanted to see Macmeow3’s results.

He left social media users laughing after he said that his mother wants to see Macmeow3’s results.

He seems however not contented and has gone back once again to the TikToker who made these ridiculous claims.

It seems like he’s not satisfied with the leg game she gave him.

And he now wants to see if she’s indeed sick as she claims.

Well bro, you can’t escape twice and hopefully you don’t mess up the second chance in case if you still have one.

What do you think?

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