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Did Shakib Zari’s Husband Also Chew Zuena? Here Is The Truth hi

There is a photo making rounds on social media of Zari the bosslady’s husband Shakib Lutaaya with Zuena Kirema.

People have started dating the two used to date before Zuena got married to Bebe Cool and Shakib to Zari.

Zuena and Bebe Cool have been together for years. They have five children together and both of them are always moving with each other.

Bebe cool’s wife has photos with different people especially those who are friends with her husband and no one cares about that.

After her photo with Shakib started making rounds, Zuena immediately addressed it calling out Ugandans to look for jobs.

She said she doesn’t see a reason why she can’t take photos with her husband’s friends without people saying bad.

Zuena sounded very bitter at Ugandans fur saying whatever they said about her and Shakib.

It should be noted that Shakib has a history of hanging around with celebrities even before he became a celebrity.

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