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Mathias Mpuuga Exposes Bobi Wine’s Dark Side

National Unity Platform (NUP) former leader of opposition and member of parliament Mathias Mpuuga has exposed Bobi Wine’s dark side.

He said he is going around and speaking lies about him talking of them meeting yet they have never met.

Bobi Wine is the founder and president of National Unity Platform (NUP). He is responsible for the actions of his members of parliament.

At beginning of this year Mathias Mpuuga was removed from the leader of opposition and replaced with Joel Senyonyi.

He was appointed as a commissioner but having served as leader of opposition he was given some money as a token of thanks.

Bobi Wine wasn’t happy with the money given to him saying it promotes corruption and he doesn’t want anything about it.

He even wrote to him to leave the position in National Unity Platform something he refused to do.

Today Mathias Mpuuga had a press conference saying Bobi Wine is  a liar and whatever he has been telling people about him and corruption is not true.

“”I have not had a meeting with my party leader  [Bobi Wine ]. I have only been hearing him speak [about our meeting] at funerals, the media, among others, trying to convince the country to believe that I’m a terrible human being but the country has refused to believe that. I would want to meet him,”- Mathias Mpuuga 

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