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Here is the real reason why Muna and Derrick broke up

The famous TikTok couple Muna and Derrick are no longer together after three years of being in love with each other.

The two started dating when they were working in UAE. They were both on social media making various challenges.

By then Muna was in Saudi Arabia while Derrick worked in Dubai. She moved from being a house media to living with her boyfriend and doing other kinds of jobs.

The two became a very strong couple as they started working on their dreams to go live in developed countries.

Last year Muna and Derrick left Uganda to the United States Of America. There was a rumor that the two had joined the LGBTQ community.

But they stayed in social media claiming they are still a couple doing everything together.

Last week Muna and Derrick broke up and social media was surprised by the way it happened. Muna has been on social media crying day and night while Derrick is moving from one country to the other celebrating his birthday.

Although Muna said Derrick left her for no reason, he said ex girlfriend has been with women and she is the lesbian.

That is why they broke up and he is ready to even move on to the next chapter of his life.

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