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VIDEO: Joel Ssenyonyi and Nabanja attack each other at public function 

Uganda is going to another level when it comes to politics and politicians at large.

Hon Joel Ssenyonyi of the National Unity Platform (NUP) and prime minister Robinah Nabanja attacked each other at a public function.

The two were complaining about the government funds that are being swindled by members of parliament and other government officials.

The leader of opposition Joel Ssenyonyi was saying that Nabanja is among the people that eat government money.

He said every money that disappears goes through her office and he doesn’t understand how that either happens.

According to Nabanja, she is tired of people like Joel Ssenyonyi who keep dragging her name in the mad yet she doesn’t know anything about the government funds.

She said she didn’t steal any iron sheets like Joel Ssenyonyi is claiming and she is not among the people that were distributing money among themselves.

The recent scandal is about NUP’s former leader of opposition Mathias Mpuuga who was accused of stealing more than UGX 500 Million.

Nabanja said she doesn’t have any say about it and is still being accused of being among the people that steal government money.

Here is the video:

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