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VIDEO: Forget About Pretty Nicole! Makerere University student releases own videos  

There are videos trending on social media of a Makerere University female student that she released for herself on social media.

These videos have been trending for some days and people are wondering why but the reason is because they are very many.

Most ladies especially those at the university are always hungry for fame. They want to be known but they don’t want it to take time .

They look for the easiest way to trend and that is when they record themselves and post their videos for everyone to see.

There are some ladies who send their videos to men they trust and after a simple mistake, these men immediately post their videos on social media.

For this Makerere University student, she didn’t only post herself but she did say she wanted men who are okay with buying her.

She is now selling herself and her family looks to even be more embarrassed that she is herself.

What do you think?

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