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VIDEO: Watch Village lady chew Chris Evans Kaweesi live on stage

There is a video making rounds on social media of singer Chris Evans Kaweesi struggling with a village lady live on stage.

This lady was trying so hard to chew him and he was focused on performing for the fans that had paid their money to watch him.

Most musicians find such problems in the villages where they go to perform. They usually have these fans that are their ride and die.

When they see them and get a chance to touch them they usually don’t want to let go of them as it’s their dream.

For Chris Evans it was too much because the lady was dancing with him as if they were a couple. Fans kept on cheering them up but still the lady couldn’t let go.

Chris Evans was helped by his team who managed to push away the lady and let him get through with the performance.

Here is the video;

Ladies the celebrities also usually find such problems when it comes to their performances in the village.

Most of them don’t speak about them while others like Winnie Nwagi beat the fans that disrespect them.

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