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VIDEO: Have you watched it? Sseguya’s video leaves women salivating

There is an alleged video making rounds on social media belonging to media personality Josephat Sseguya.

Photos are the ones making rounds so far not the video hasn’t been seen anywhere. The person that posted the photos said the video is in the pipeline.

This is a very common thing in Uganda where celebrities videos her released on social media. Most people don’t know who actually releases these video.

Some celebrities say someone hacked into their phones and posted the videos while others just send them to their lovers and they release them after a disagreement.

For Josephat Sseguya, it is not clear who is behind the photos and the alleged videos that haven’t been released.

The photos of him is when he is in bed and someone was taking them. It looked Like a hotel room although it is not yet clear.

Josephat Sseguya is one of the people in Uganda that calls himself the president of gossip personalities.

However it looks like it is coming down on him and he is about to be exposed.

What do you think?

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