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Here Is The Truth Behind SB4 Media’s UK Side Chic That Destroyed His Marriage

There is a lady on social media known as Asha Love that is said to be the current girlfriend of SB4 Media.

This happened after the wife of SB4 Media Ann Taylor announced on social media that she was done with the marriage.

She didn’t reveal the problem of the marriage but she said she was over it and she never wanted to even have talks of rekindling the relationship.

SB4 Media and Ann Taylor were together for more than five years. They have two new born twin babies.

According to social media, SB4 Media has been cheating on Ann Taylor throughout their relationship.

It said that he has been having a UK lady that he was seeing and that lady called Ann Taylor and told her the whole story about the relationship.

According to Kasuku, this lady and SB4 Media are looking at having a family together and a possibility of him moving to the UK just for her.

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