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VIDEO: Have you watched it? Pretty Nicole releases her juicy videos

Sensational tiktoker Pretty Nicole has blessed Ugandans with a juicy video on social media.

This happened days after her mother said she disappeared from home and got married to a certain fellow tiktoker.

Pretty Nicole has been trending p social media for some time but she never comes out to address the rumours talked about her.

Now her fans are so much excited about the video wondering what she was thinking to record herself and release the video on social media.

There has been a problem with young girls who want to be famous trying by all means to keep relevant.

They do whatever it takes for their name to keep in the media. Some record and release their videos on social media something that is really disturbing.

For Pretty Nicole it is not clear what her motive is like not the video is now trending and everyone is talking about her and the video.

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