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VIDEO: Mabirizi to sue Kyabazinga and Nabagerekka over Royal wedding

Controversial city lawyer Male Mabirizi has made his intentions known to sue the Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom over the royal wedding that took place over the weekend.

Mabirizi who reports everything that happens in the country said that there are four individuals who are going to be sued. They include the Kyabazinga himself, William Gabula Nadiope.

His charges are a fictitious marriage and bigamy. Apparently, the Kyabazinga knew that he has another marriage in the UK but he went ahead to get married. The Inebantu, Jovia Mutesi will be sued for getting into a marriage with a married man since she was informed of his marriage.

Archbishop Steven Kazimba Mugalu will also be sued for wedding a married man under the Church of Uganda yet he’s already married. The last person to be sued will be the Nabagerekka of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda.

For her case, it’s conspiracy to commit felonies according to the lawyer. She well knew that the Kyabazinga is a married man but partook in this ‘fraudulent’ marriage.

Mabirizi said that he’s just waiting for time to go to the court and lay up the charges.

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