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Does Zahara Totto still urinate on bed? Here is the truth

There has been rumour going on for some years about television presenter Zahara Totto urinating on bed.

They were started by one YouTuber who had a beef with Zahara Totto saying he has ever visited her and he knows that she urinates on bed.

Zahara Totto personally didn’t comment anything on that but she said she knows who she is and doesn’t care about what other people say.

Recently she has been involved in another social media war with a fellow female celebrity Shamim Mayanja.

The two have been exchanging words, calling each other nasty names and now the rumour of urinating on bed has been brought back.

The truth is that Zahara Totto is a mother of four children and she doesn’t urinate on bed like the way people say it.

She is just hated and haters can say anything to just put one down and make the other so much angry.

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