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Did Daniella secretly divorce Jose Chameleone? Here is the truth

There has been rumour going around about Daniella Atim and her husband and father of her children Jose Chameleone’s marriage.

The two share five children and they have been married for more than 15 years.

But five years ago, Daniella and the children fleed the country to the United states of America (USA) to look for greener pastures.

Ever since they left, Daniella has been in over social media writing about how she used to suffer in her marriage and how happy she is at the moment.

Daniella and Jose Chameleone have never said anything about their marriage not even taking about divorcing.

But with the birthday message Daniella wrote to herself, it looks like everything between her and Jose Chameleone are over.

She is ready to meet a new person and embark on the journey of love like she has never done.

“Dear Daniella,
When love visits you again I hope it doesn’t expect you to suffer,that it doesn’t try to deceive you into thinking you have to go through trials and tribulations to be found worthy.I hope it doesn’t come in form of a litmus paper,putting you through ridiculous tests.I hope you give it a warm welcome,letting go of all the pain and the hurt from the past,in order to make room for it.I hope you put your best foot forward and make it feel just as safe and secure.i hope you too never take it’s gift for granted.
hope you are now mature enough to know life begins at 39.
Happy birthday.,” Daniella said

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