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VIDEO: Shakib shows Zari that he’s physically fit indoors

Newly married couple Zari and Shakib are surely enjoying a time of their lives by enjoying each other’s presence. The couple often posts videos of themselves enjoying each other’s company.

The two posted a video jamming to Big Eye’6 Physically Fit song. Zari sat on Shakib’s back as he did press ups and she surely enjoyed him. The couple. Apparently Zari after a long exodus through men seems to have found the love of her life.

Despite the enormous age gap between them, the pair seems to be like they have known each other forever. The mother of 5 even revealed a while ago that they are thinking about having kids.

And she’s glad that she’s going to make her a boo a father. Well we just wish the couple all the happiness in the world and hopefully they spend forever together.

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