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VIDEO: BBS TV’As Tashi Hubby leaves men salivating

BBS Terefayina presenter Tashi Hubby left men salivating at a recent concert after she showed off her gorgeous and amazing body. The TV presenter stepped on stage clad in a white shirt dress.

It perfectly brought out her curvaceous body and every man had his hands in their pockets. They couldn’t imagine what a goddess she is off stage.

And when she started speaking, all most could see were butterflies. A run through the media personality’s social media pages shows that few can rival her beauty in the entertainment and media industry.

All we can do is pity BBS TV male crew who have to bear the sights of it’s female presenters such as Tash Hubby herself, Diana Nabatanzi, Haffy Powers among others. These ladies are so beautiful and curvaceous.

Definitely the Buganda kingdom owned TV station has the most beautiful female TV presenters.

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