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VIDEO: Shock as candidate does unthinkable after exams

Social media has been left with different opinions after a teacher appeared on camera showing what a certain candidate had done after their exams. It should be noted that this is the season when candidate class of p.7, S.4 and S.6 are all doing their UNEB exams.

Well this particular candidate who happens to either be senior four or senior six took their time and cut their book to pieces. A large black book containing lots of notes could be seen all in tatters.

And the teacher who was holding this book couldn’t understand how a sane person could take their time and do such a thing. She said that this student lacked empathy to know that there is someone else out there who could put this book to good use.

And they decided to destroy it. Therefore according to her, if such a child is at home and anything annoys them, they can easily hurt you.

However, several social media users reminisced how they also did the same to their books. The instant they finished their exams, they went ahead and threw away the books or even burnt them.

What do you think?

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