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PHOTO: Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi winning big in the USA

Singer cum politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu also known as Bobi Wine’s first born Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi is winning big in the United states of America.

Solomon moved out of the country when he finished his high school to go and further his studies.

Through the start of his school, he has also managed to get a volunteer job at a health centre.

He posted on social media saying he is lucky and happy that his dreams are slowly coming true where he is in the United states of America.

Fans were happy for him saying he is lucky that he is winning and haters are now so mute without anything to say about him.

Bobi Wine doesn’t usually share the private life of his children on social media. He is focused on to his politics and speak for the imprisoned vpicele.

Here is the photo;

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