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VIDEO: Tems recounts Ugandan prison time

It seems like Nigerian singer Tems Baby is yet to overcome the tragedy that befell her about two years ago when sbe was jailed in Uganda. The singer alongside fellow Nigerian, Omah Lay spent about two nights behind bars.

This was because the two had broken COVID protocols by performing in the country when it was under lockdown. Apparently she still believes a Ugandan musician was behind their arrest and this was none other than Bebe Cool.

The Essence singer said that when she got to prison, it was gross. She was given a very huge uniform which was smelling. It’s the reason now why she wears buggy clothes.

“I thought I wasn’t gonna come out. I thought I was seeing it for a reason like maybe I was meant to help the people. I was settling in because I adapted real quick and as I was walking in I started to cry because they gave me my uniform and it stunk because they don’t wash it. It was a small room and there was nothing, there’s just the floor they give you blankets and tissues and you’re just on the floor, no bed and I did it for two days. I didn’t even know I was going to get out, I didn’t have any ears on the ground nobody told me anything. Outside everyone was like ‘free Tems, free Omah lay but inside I was just hopeful, waiting.

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