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VIDEO: Who wants Alien Skin dead? Watch him survive being shot

There is a video making rounds on social media of trending singer Alien Skin surviving being shot.

All this happened last night as he went to perform at a certain stage like other musicians always do.

Now fans are wondering who really want him dead because he looks not to be doing anything wrong.

Alien Skin joined the music industry years ago but he went viral early this year. His fame came with contraversies because he was slapped by Pallaso.

Although Alien Skin was supposed to keep his composure in the industry, he started to despise people trying him.

He recently said that he is going to resign from the music industry and join politics. He even launched his own political party known as Fangon Unity Platform.

Although he is not so much into politics, he is starting to get life scares which needs him to have professional security.

Here is the video;

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