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VIDEO: Hajjat Kulthum reveals what excited her about Akram’s cheating scandal

When you expected that she would be furious over her husband, Akram Gumisiriza cheating, Hajjat Kulthum stands is not and is in fact happy about one of the incidents in the scandal.

It should be noted that Akram was accused of threatening violence over a lady he picked from the roadside. This woman said that Akram had refused to pay her after chewing her sumbie.

Consequently he was arrested and spent a day behind bars. Appearing in a local interview, Hajjat Kulthum said that she’s happy that her man is cautious towards his health.

This is because it was alleged that Akram took this woman for a blood test before chewing her. And according to Kulthum, most people usually does unknowingly due to their partners reckless sexual lifestyle.

But if the scandal is true and her man took to the lady for a HIV test, she’s then proud of him as he puts health first before chewing.

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