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VIDEO: Okwepicha in progress between PM Nabbanja and locals

The Prime Minister of Uganda Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja is a character of her own rarely hard to find. While at a local event, she did the unthinkable that left the audience and social media buzzing.

Apparently, a team they were supporting won and out of joy, she grabbed one of the men around and started gyrating on him. This man also didn’t hesitate and he gave her back the favour.

They fell down and their not so good game continued and it’s like they were chewing others though fully clothed. When the other people saw it getting out of hand, they quickly came and made them part ways.

But according to the things that we have seen Nabbanja do in the past, this is the least shocking ones. She’s a person of the people and has to keep them entertained.

And for surely since her surprise appointment by President Museveni, she has really done a good job in giving Ugandans something to always talk about.

Whether you like her or not, just know that Uganda Zaabu amd enjoy her while she lasts because nothing is guaranteed. Not even as near as tomorrow.

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