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VIDEO: Watch American singer spit in fans mouth live on stage

An American musician has done it again after calling a fab up on stage and spitting in her mouth.

This happened as the singer was performing live for the people in the United states of America.

There is always a tendency of fans wanting to get near their celebrities. Most of them usually do whatever it takes to make sure atleast they are recognised.

On this matter, an artiste called a fan who was obsessed with him and asked her what he can do for her.

The fan adamantly responded that whatever he wants to do and he didn’t resist from doing the unthinkable.

He was recorded live on camera telling the fan to sit up right so that he can get the position of spitting in her mouth without contact.

That’s what he exactly did and here is the video that shows everything that took place at the event.

Here is the video,;

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