VIDEO: Watch Akram being released from police with lady he chewed on credit

Akram Gumisiriza the hubby of Hajjat Kulthum Nabuunya has bee in ths news for these past few days. This is after he was allegedly accused of sexual coercion and threatening violence.

Apparently, a lady identified as Mweza Remmy ran to Police and accused Akram of threatening to kill her after their deal collapsed. It’s said that Akram picked her along the road and asked for her meow.

When she asked for money, he refused and threatened her with a panga. Kampala Metropolitan police deputy spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed that Akram had been arrested for threatening violence.

While at Police, Akram said that these people are trying to fleece him. And he won’t pay the Shs 20m they want. He’s ready to go to court and fight them.

Apparently, he claims that he was set up by this woman in order to steal from him but he won’t be giving up a single penny. Meanwhile the woman and a relative of hers kept asking Akram whether he knew the woman or not and if he was an Uber driver.

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