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VIDEO: OKWEPICHA on pool table – Zari and Shakib

Newly married couple Zari and Shakib Lutaaya are definitely enjoying their marriage and can’t help but post everything the do. The pair who are currently on their honeymoon decided to record a video for netizens to salivate over.

They posted a video of themselves on a pool table while playing the game of balls. Shakib after later came and stood in between Zari’s legs as he romanced her while she was seated on the table.

Netizens expected for more action such as pushing her back on the table and giving her some good poundings. But this was not the case as the short video stopped just there.

There is no doubt about the love between the couple and very soon they might even welcome children as Zari revealed that she will give him kids despite her already having 5 of her own from two different men.

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