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VIDEO: I’m the most sexiest female singer in Uganda – Azawi claims

Swangz Avenue singer Priscilla Zawedde aka Azawi jas claimed that she’s the most sexiest singer in the country. According to the Quinamino singer, if she was to undress, most men wouldn’t dare look at any other female artist they think is sexy.

However, she prefers to keep her style of wear because it’s the brand she has built and it’s where everything rotates. She added that people shouldn’t associate her dress code with her sexuality.

This is because she knows a lot of women who are so feminine and fine but their sexuality spells something else. For her, her mother gave her just everything she needs.

Additionally, Azawi said her man knows how sexy she is and this is not even debatable. On top of that, there are no laws stating what women amd men should wear.

These are just cultural things that were put in place by fellow humans. She’s therefore got the right to wear what she wants.

Well most social media users have dared her to do it because their beliefs are in after seeing and not just being told.

What do you think?

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