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VIDEO: Watch as Pastor Kakande casts demons out of a ghetto Rasta man

Yes we are back with Pastor Samuel Kakande chronicles. The self styled man of God is at it again this time round for praying for a Rasta ghetto ‘yuti.’

This Rasta went to the Synagogue Church of all Nations and started hyping and praising Kakande. He then asked for some money adding that he also deserves it.

Kakande asked his ushers to bring this man some food to eat and also have him money. This ecstatic man started once again to praise Kakande and then asked him to shake his hands.

This is because his friends in the ghetto always say that Kakande is a ghost and wanted to prove them wrong. After Kakande, did this, the man asked him to pray for him like others.

With just a simple push, Kakande did so and the man fell down as the rest of the people ululated at the wonders done by the mighty man of God.

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