VIDEO: She wants me to knack her every time- MC Kapale cries about his Zungu sugar mom

Faded comedian MC Kapale could have run away from Uganda hoping to get greener pastures from his sugar mom but things don’t seem rosy as he thought they would be. This is because this woman wants to be chewed all the time.

Through a live with some of his friends, Kapale cried out on how he jas already gotten tired of this life. Apparently the lady always wants his wire but he doesn’t have that much appetite for her and as a result, he always runs to the kitchen or bathroom to hide.

He was heard telling one of his femal friends to come and they make this money together. Since it’s knacking that the lady wants, Kapale can get some extra stimulation from this Ugandan babe and then he goes to smash his Zung lady.

However, the Ugandan woman objected and said that there is no way Kapale would leave her wet to go and please his sugar mom. She can only come unless he accepts to always beat her first.

However, he told her that this is a job and they would be on a mission. Therefore there is no way that the boss can get leftovers. Seems like Kapale won’t be staying there for long if his sexual prowess can’t bac him up.

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