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VIDEO: Ugandans are not serious- watch as man jokes with a cow in the city

If you ever thought that Ugandans are serious people struggling to remove a ‘dictator’ then you had better spend a day on the Ugandan social media streets, you will understand that they aren’t. Everyone does what makes them happy and they mind their own business.

A man has now left social media users laughing really hard after he took to joking with a cow. This cow was tied down somewhere along the road.

This fella who was eating a jackfruit apparently stood by its side and started to give it some. However, the cow didn’t eat it and he started wondering what’s bothering it. He questioned how a cow that doesn’t have a landlord on it’s neck demanding for rent which it doesn’t pay can be deep in thoughts.

He later learned what could be bothering this cow and it’s none other than being taken to the abattoir to get slaughtered. However, he sympathised with it and said that it’s very early for this cow to drown itself in such thoughts. Furthermore, he joked that it could be in depression because of love.

This has left social media users amused and all laughing really hard about how their fellow countrymen are never serious a single bit.

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