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Is she pregnant? Here are the real reasonable why Faridah Nakazibwe left NTV Uganda

Famous media personality Faridah Nakazibwe last week left NTV Uganda after 17 years of working with the station.

She said good bye to the workmates saying she is now focused on doing other things outside the media.

People have been loving her on Television and now they are wondering why she decided to leave the station.

The truth is that Faridah Nakazibwe hasn’t said anything about leaving NTV. She hasn’t even released an official statement about it.

There is rumor making rounds on social media that she might be pregnant but it hasn’t been confirmed.

Faridah has been hinting on having more children in the future although all her children are now teenagers.

The main reason for leaving NTV Uganda haven’t been revealed but we will keep you updated wether she is pregnant or not.

Other women have left the media to focus on their families and other businesses outsider the media.

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