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Where is Zari and Skakib’s wedding ceremony? Here are the details

Zari the Bosslady and her boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya are set to wed tomorrow 3rd October 2023.

The two had a Muslim wedding that didn’t have so many family and friends in attendance.

The Muslim wedding (Nikkah) happened in South Africa but Zari the Bosslady promised to have a white wedding on her own so that her family people can also celebrate with her.

The invitation care made rounds on social media over the weekend and the person that released it hid his or her name.

It is not Zari the Bosslady that released it to the public and no one knows the exact person that put it in circulation.

In the invitation card, the venue for the wedding is not yet released and people don’t know if it will happen in Uganda or South Africa.

Everyone is waiting to see how it goes but as Buzz nation we will keep you updated as everything takes place tomorrow.

The venue and time of the ceremony will be brought to you.

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