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VIDEO: Spice Diana almost chews Zungu man on stage

Songstress Spice Diana almost ended up chewing a Zungu reveller at one of her recent upcountry concerts. The Siri Regular singer turned up in high energy and gave the people what they came for.

She then pulled out of the fans and it was a Zungu. The Source Management singer did all crazy things to him. She twerked, bent over and jumped on him marinating her sumbie all over the guy.

Meanwhile the crowds kept cheering them on including two other female zungus who were with this man. Spice also told the man not to be shy and show her white men can do.

It should be noted that the singer usually gets up close and personal with fans. She always lets them feel her tight little sumbie and bambam. On top of that Spice is one of the best entertainers on stage.

And this could be one of the reason she has a wide fan base and is loved so much. It’s not clear how her manager Roger feels about this since some of their leaked messages a while ago showed that they are chewing each other.

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