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VIDEO: Here is the Ugandan pastor who can change football results

Well Uganda is indeed the pearl of Africa for a number of reasons. If you’re a fan of football betting, you had better start visiting the church of self styled prophet, Michael Kiganda and make him a friend of your own.

While appearing on the Deep Talk with Mr Henrie, he revealed that he has the ability to foresee results of football games. He can know that for instance Liverpool is going to be beaten. That’s not just the shocking bit of it, he has the ability to influence the result of the game.

However, he said that he can’t do this because it would take away the fun in the game while watching it. Furthermore, he even prophesied for Mr Henrie about his future wife. Apparently he’s going to marry from a family that starts with SK.

Henrie was surprised and asked whether he has yet met his partner to which Kiganda said that he hasn’t. And therefore all the ladies he’s currently flirting with are just a waste of time.

This was not just all. This man who holds his services from Skyz Hotel in Naguru said that he even saw the late German Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler in heaven.

This allegedly happened when he was in p.7 when he went into a coma. Although Hitler died many years ago before he was even born,he was able to recognise him because of the spiritual abilities given to him.

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